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Customer Testimonials

Reconditioned Tools Customer Satisfaction

At Reconditioned Tools, we pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction. Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Our #1 goal at Reconditioned Tools is for you to become a repeat customer. But don't just take our word -- read what our customers are saying!

More Customer Testimonials

"I have ordered from CPO several times and have been very happy with each purchase. I am a fairly new homeowner so I keep having new projects plus there are just some power tools you need to have around the house. It just makes sense to buy factory reconditioned for the better price and knowing that the makers are the ones checking out their own tools makes me feel better about buying reconditioned. Haven't had any problems with any of the tools and each transaction has been seamless." -Lesa G.

"a very pleasant online shopping/fulfillment experience as a first-time customer. an exception to the usual rule of poor/no customer communications in the worldwideweb of power tools/parts providers. Reconditioned Tools must have live people working there who care." -Steve W.

prices and quick shipping. What more can you ask for?" -Rick H.

"A nice way to do business. Everything was in order and I experienced no problems." -Howard T.

" I was very happy with my experience from beginning to end. I will look to purchase other tools here before I look elsewhere." -Joaquin L.

"Reconditioned Tools was a pleasure to do business with. The ordering process (web page) was clean and fast, the landed price was excellent, and the delivery was economical and fast. I could not have asked for anything more." -Steven R.

"Eight hours after I placed the order for drill #1, my husband announced that we ordered the wrong one. Called DeWalt. They immediately issued a return authorization number and took my order for the preferred drill. All were here within 3-4 days via standard free shipping. Return and credit processed promptly. Excellent experience. Wish all online merchants were as responsive." -Merle G.

"Best pricing available, easy transaction, and a great product. I always check Reconditioned Tools first when I'm trying to locate a specific power tool. Great organization." -Steve I.

"The site is as good as any other top web store. Easy to use and information is clear and straight forward. I purchased a refurbished framing nailer and it was clearly advertised as refurbished. The condition was excellent and it works great. The order was shipped with the basis ground shipping option and it came in 2 day. The price was a good price for a refurbished tool." -Edmund K.

"My husband loved it. It was about $150.00 cheaper than our local store was asking!!!!!" -Dawn B.

"Items arrived in great time and in excellent condition. Everything was as stated. Thank you for your great price and quality." -Dann D.

"Excellent buying experience, can't recommend enough! Thank you!!!" -Thomas M.

"The Dewalt compressor was easy to order. I have tested it and began using it feeling very happy thus far with the purchase. It was a reconditioned unit that looks great and I feel very happy with the purchase. The compressor was crated professionally to keep it from being damaged intransit. The unit was intact at being received at my place of employment. Thank you so much. I am a satisfied customer." -Paul S.

"During my search for high quality tools at a reasonable price, I found Reconditioned Tools. I bought three factory reconditioned DeWalt tools, first two sanders, and later an electric impact wrench. Reconditioned Tools delivered all three tools within a week of my order. The tools arrived undamaged. I quickly found the tools I needed at Reconditioned Tools's web site. Since the prices were amongst lowest on the internet, I didn't see the need to shop elsewhere. Before ordering my DeWalt impact wrench from Reconditioned Tools, I had ordered the same model from another internet vendor. I waited 11 days for my wrench before calling the vendor. I found out that the wrench I ordered had been back ordered and there was no expected delivery date. So, I canceled my order and turned to Reconditioned Tools. I got my electric impact wrench within a week. Reconditioned Tools features an excellent selection of high quality tools, fair prices, and responsive customer service, so I recommend Reconditioned Tools to anyone looking for these features." -Steve M.

"The product was reasonably priced and delivery was quick, a winning combination." -Scott K.

"Reconditioned Tools has 2 thumbs up!!!! The service on line was fast and easy. My product arrived on time and in wonderful condition! I will recommend Reconditioned Tools to everyone I know!" -Lori G.

"I am happy with the Dewalt sander; it works great. I was also impressed how quickly I received my package. I only got the cheep shipping option. I placed my order on a Wednesday and received my package on Friday, it only took two days! Thanks!" -Karl M.

"Everything but delivery was excellent - Only reason for poor on delivery was not merchant's issue. Box had correct address but Fedex dropped it off at wrong address. When I called Fedex about it, I ended up in voice mail HELL with them. I called Reconditioned Tools and in no time they found out where it was dropped off and I went out and picked it up from where Fedex delivered it. Gotta luv a company like Reconditioned Tools that sells quality product at a good price and then is willing to go the extra mile to help like they did after FEDEX was the one that made the delivery mistake." -Larry R.

"Great service - my tools were on my doorstep in under 40 hours! I will definately be shopping with Reconditioned Tools for more DeWalt products!" -Kevin N.

"Excellent choice for the price and quality of Dewalt drill driver." -Michael P.

"Good transaction; no problems; good communication" -James L.

"You guys saved me $53.00. Enough said. Not just the money, great product, fast service. I put this web site in my favorites. Expect to hear from me in the future." -John H.

"I will use the tool professionally, and I need accurate and quick service. This transaction was likely as good as I can expect. I will purchase through them again." -Virginia G.

"The ease of ordering, timeliness of shipping, tracking of the order were all excellent. Would highly recommend purchasing equipment from Reconditioned Tools." -Monty T.

"Great price, quick delivery, factory refurb almost like new condition." -Richard D.

"The purchase and the subsequent customer service were beyond my expectations." -Steve W.

"Outstanding! I'm very pleased with the product and couldn't believe how quickly it arrived." -Paul W.

"Easy to purchase on line and there was person at the end of the telephone to help with a question. A good experience and will shop there again." -Keith B.

"This is the first time we bought an item from this seller. The shopping experience was very good, easy to navigate the site, search for items or compare items. We received the item quickly and without any problems. The item was refurbished equipment, but works as good as new. Planning to buy from this seller in the future again, as long as they continue to offer good prices and good selection of merchandise." -Maria P.

"I'm very happy with the purchase. I bought a refurbished drill and was very pleased with the condition of the drill. I have already used it a few times and it works like new. Super Drill!!! Super Price!!!! Super Deal!!" -Lino R.

"I purchased tools from last month. I am Very Happy with the products and shipping. Today I ordered more tools. I know I will be happy this time. Thanks ReconditionedTools for such a GREAT service" -Bob V.

"Product was re-conditioned, but looked brand new. The shipping was unbelievably fast, ordered on a Tuesday and received on Thursday, in the morning. I will be ordering tools from here in the future" -Price H.

"The selection and price were outstanding. I quickly found what I was looking for. Not only did they have the latest and greatest models, but they had the old models and reconditioned offers. I bought a reconditioned product, and so far, you'd never know that it was reconditioned, other than the warranty and receipt. "-Joseph B.

"My experience with Reconditioned Tools was excellent. I purchased a "reconditioned" Bosch drill from them. I used quotation marks because this drill and case looked to be brand new. I have already used the drill quit a few times and it works flawlessly. Reconditioned Tools has allowed me to purchase a quality drill at a significant reduction in price. My boss would never had approved the purchase of this drill at the retail price. Reconditioned Tools was awesome to deal with and I would highly recommend them to all " -Brett J.

"Excellent selection of good name brand products at a great price. Good product description & warranty on Reconditioned products." -William V.

"I just want to say thanks. Everything I've purchased from You. I can tell has been checked carefully. Please keep up the good work. Thanks." -Greg.

"Reconditioned tools I have bought are always like new and I save money" -David D.

"Great selection and price. Very satisfied with previous purchases." -Dan S.

"I am very satified with the whole process from start to finish. The tools performed properly and I will use them again." -Mark C.

"From the time I ordered to the date it arrived was 3 short days. The reconditioned battery combo set looked like they were barely used (except for the branded into the plastic casing the word "RECON") I used my tools the following day and everything works like new. Thank you very much for your prompt delivery and outstanding tools..." - Rodney S.

“I absolutely love the new web page and its new look with all the vendors and specials locataed on one page. I've purchased from CPO many many times over the years and am absolutely one of their most satisfied customers. I have NEVER gotten a tool that didn't work and work extremely well and I have NEVER had a shipping nightmare that is so common these days. They are truely a superstore for remanufactured tools...great price, great product and superior customer service. I have and will continue to purchase tools as I need them and highly recommend their super line of products to anyone I come in contact with.” - Brian D.

“I have ordered several tools from CPO, all of them were reconditioned, have been given as a gift recon tools from CPO and have given as a gift recon tools. Only one has somewhat let me down but the rest, awesome. I've got to highlight my Bosch Impactor drill, greatest thing since sliced bread. I use it constantly for nearly every project and it has never let me down. It has actually replaced some of my older tools. This thing is great. Also recon. Thanks CPO” - William L.

“I have bought a number of reconditioned items over the last 5 years. Some of these experiences have been good, but many have had to be returned due to a lack of actual reconditioning. The items were never cleaned and mostly just placed in a box and mailed out. I actually stopped buying such items because of this. I tried again with your company and now you are the ONLY company I buy reconditioned products from. You can tell that each item has been cleaned and repacked correctly. I now recommend your company to all my friends.” - Dan K.